About Minibel

Hi, I'm Chloë. I am originally from Co. Carlow but living in Co. Wicklow about 12 years with my partner. We have three beautiful children. They inspired the name Minibel - 'mini' as in small and the first letter of their names make up the B E L part!

I opened Minibel in 2021, after months of planning and researching. I always wanted to start a baby business and my love for nature had to be the core of this idea. I purchased an engraving machine and I absolutely love engraving all the beautiful names on to each wooden item. It has grown so much over the last two years and I love creating all the special little gifts and sets for your little ones.

Thank you to my wonderful customers, you are the best! My little dream of my small business keeps going strong thanks to you!

Love, Chloë